The Maddening Malware: Madagascar's Controversial Surveillance Tactics Exposedwordpress,malware,surveillance,Madagascar,controversy,tactics,exposed

The Maddening Malware: Madagascar’s Controversial Surveillance Tactics Exposed

Madagascar‘s Government Services Utilizing Spyware for Political Surveillance Introduction Recent research conducted by cybersecurity firm Sekoia has shed light on the use of surveillance spyware known as Predator by various governments worldwide. It has been discovered that Madagascar‘s government services, ahead of their presidential election in November, have purchased and leveraged Predator for domestic political…

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Madagascar's Controversial Cyber Surveillance Tactics Spark Worldwide Concernswordpress,cybersecurity,surveillance,Madagascar,controversy,concerns

Madagascar’s Controversial Cyber Surveillance Tactics Spark Worldwide Concerns

Madagascar Government Accused of Domestic Surveillance Ahead of Presidential Election Introduction The government of Madagascar has allegedly purchased and utilized the Predator spyware to conduct political domestic surveillance in the lead-up to the country’s presidential election in November. Research conducted by cybersecurity company Sekoia indicates that this effort involved a watering hole attack, where links…

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